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Train when your puppy is hungry and alert. Divide his meal into 10 portions, and throughout the day entice it to his bowl of food by using its name with the command "Come." Indoor Training Bring your pup to a hallway where there are no distractions. Stand a short distance away. Hold out a treat so he can see. Say the puppies name and as he comes towards you say "Come".

As the puppy comes towards you, praise him, by saying "good dog!". Encourage him to come to you with your body language. Bend down and open your arms. When he comes to you, give him the treat and pet him. Outdoor Training When the puppy is fully trained to come to you indoors then you can move to the outdoors. Outdoors there will be more distractions. Keep him on a long leash and practice the exercise. Don't use the leash to reel in the puppy rather encourage him to come to you for the reward. If your puppy losses concentration then you can give a quick jerk to the leash. From a distance, a toy might be more noticable than a treat. If your puppy does not respond well to treats then try a sqeaky toy.


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