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Safe, Energetic Dog Walking to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

They say a tired dog is a happy dog. At One Lucky Dog, we put a premium on your dog's health. Our Toronto-area dog walking service is safe, energetic and can be tailored to fit your dog's needs. Since 2008.

Does your dog get enough exercise?

With our busy lives, family commitments and work schedules, it's hard for the average family to give their pet the exercise and stimulation it deserves. Unfortunately, it's far too common to see dogs that aren't given enough exercise, which can make them overweight. That can lead to many health concerns, including heart problems, joint pain and canine diabetes. However, One Lucky Dog is here to help! We'll make sure that your canine companion gets the exercise they deserve, and they'll thank you by being healthier, calmer and less restless. And because we know that every dog is different, we offer a variety of dog walking programs and options, so you can be sure your dog gets the caring experience you'd want for them.

Our Dog Walking Service

At One Lucky Dog, we offer a number of options to get your pup moving! We focus on energetic, stimulating walks and exercise, socialization and pairing your dogs with a compatible core set of canine "buddies" to walk them. This core group of dogs often make lasting friendships, where they learn terrific social skills and boost their confidence so you can be proud to take them out in public. 


Group Walks

Our group walks are led by one of our knowledgeable, caring staff in groups of up to six dogs. We like to limit the walks to this size to maximize the social aspect of a good walk without any of the stress that can come with larger groups. We evaluate the personality of each dog in these groups to make sure that they are compatible, and will enjoy each other's company. Each walk is a full hour-long walk around the neighborhood or in an official dog off-leash park. On-leash neighbourhood walks available. You also have the option for private walks for some one-on-one time. Read more about benefits of private dog walks here.


  • Private Half Hour Walk - The answer for dogs with socialization or mobility concerns. Our dog walkers are trained to use effective coaching techniques to get the most out of walks, for dogs that aren't yet ready to walk with others or can patiently tend to the needs of your dog if they need to take things slower.


  • Private One Hour Walk - This option is great for high energy dogs that have a lot of energy, yet also need one-on-one attention from one of our dog walkers to get the most out of their walk. This option is also appropriate for dogs who have socialization issues.


Our guests can also access our local fully fenced-in park, for those who prefer to get their exercise without a leash. The park is safe, yet wide open to let dogs run at full speed and play to their heart's content. Your dog will be able to run and enjoy being outside in a large, secured area that's always supervised by one of our experienced staff. They'll also be able to play with one of a core group of dogs, in groups of no more than 6 dogs. We evaluate the personalities of each dog in these groups, so you can rest assured your dog's playmates are a great fit for their play tendencies and level of socialization. We also want to make things easy on you.

  • Off leash benefits include:

  • Increased freedom

  • Physical and mental energy release

  • Trust in owners and other dogs

  • Relationship building as part of a pack


If you're ready for a dog that comes home tired, happy and healthy, give us a call today! 416-484-8584


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Contact us with any questions you may have. 
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