Where will my dog be walked?

Dogs are walked on-leash or off-leash depending on your dogs needs. For safety reasons your dog will never be off-leash anywhere that is not a fully fenced in park nor are dogs ever off-leash from our vehicle to the entrance of a park. Safety is always our highest priority.

How long does a group walk last?

Walks last one-hour long unless the weather is extremely hot or cold. In this case, we shorten the walks to suit the conditions.

How many dogs are in a group?

The dogs are walked in a group of up to 6 dogs.

Is it a safe to have my dog walked with other dogs?

Yes, we only take dogs that are friendly with other dogs.

Why should I use a dog walking service?

It provides your dog with a good quality of life. Being alone all day with nothing to look forward to can be very boring and potentially depressing. When we take the dogs out they are so happy and excited to see their friends and have a purpose to their days. Ideally you want your dog to be fully socialised with other dogs this way you can take your dog anywhere and know they will behave well. Dogs who have not been properly socialised with other dogs often grow up to develop fear aggression. To avoid this you will want to socialise your dog when they are young. So, it's not just exercise, a potty break and relief from boredom that the dog walking service provides but also much needed training in how to understand and get along with other dogs. A well-socialised dogs means you will be able to go anywhere in the city with your dog and know he/she will act appropriately. It means you can take your dog to have fun, run around and play with other dogs at parks.


What are the requirements for boarding?

  • Your dog must be friendly with other dogs.
  • You must have proof of up-to-date vet shots.
  • Your puppy must have his/hers 12 week vet shots.
  • Your male dog must be neutered if he is over 16 months of age.

Where will my dog sleep?

Dogs sleep in the living room on a dog bed or on the couch. We do not use any cages. If you want your dog to sleep in a cage you must bring yours.

Will my dog be walked?

Yes, we go on two walks a day. There is also a fully fenced in backyard to enjoy whenever they like.

Will my dog be separated in a room?

No, its a home environment and your dog will have the run of the house at all times.

Will my dog be supervised?

Your dog will be supervised at all times.

What will my dog eat?

You will bring your dogs food.


Why have a puppy visit?

When you are gone for hours during the day a puppy will experience separation anxiety. The visits help to elevate their fears. Puppies have small bladders and need to go outside often. These visits help to potty train your dog properly.

What will happen on the puppy visit?

We feed them their lunch, take them out to potty, We play with and cuddle them. When they become a certain age we spend much of the time giving them exercise on a walk.

What age are the puppy visits for?

For dogs who are younger than 4 months old. Older than this they will graduate to walking with a group. This will provide them with the much needed socialisation with other friendly dogs and puppies.

Will my dog be out with other dogs on the visits?

No, your dog will be visited without other dogs.


What will my dog do all day?

Your dog will be picked up at your house in the morning and will be taken with a few other day care dogs for a walk for one hour. They will return to the day care and be able to rest or play inside as well as have the opportunity to go into a fully fenced in backyard. In the afternoon they will go on another one hour long walk and at a later point will be driven back to their homes.

Who will my dog spend the day with?

A small group of other friendly dogs.

What are the requirements to attend?

Your dog must be friendly with other dogs. Your must be able to provide proof of up-to-date vet shots and be at least 12 weeks old. You must live in the service area of the dog day care where we provide the pick-up and drop-off service.