When your dog comes into our family, he or she becomes one of the family!


Our furry friends demand a lot of love, attention and stimulation. Our schedules due to work
or other commitments don't always let us spend as much time as we want with our pups.
We go the extra mile for the health and happiness of your dog

At One Lucky Dog, we know the importance of canine exercise. We've heard "a tired dog is a happy dog", - and we guarantee that your dog will be both, in our dog day care program. That's why your dog will be treated to a one-hour long walk every day - where they can run, play with others, happily sniff around and spend time being a dog!

Pleasant facilities

Back at our facility, your dog will feel right at home. We focused on providing a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where your dog will love to spend time.


  • Fully fenced-in yard with free access so they can run outside whenever they choose.

  • Kiddy pool during the summer for some added fun!

  • Comfortable doggie beds and couches for when they want to rest.

  • Small core group of dogs that they'll get to know and bond with quickly; no large groups of unfamiliar dogs here.

  • We go on an one-hour long walk each day. We don't sit in a room all day bored. Instead, we're outside enjoying nature and getting lots of exercise for 2 hours a day. In extreme weather we shorten the walks.

  • Free pick-up and drop-off service within a certian boundary.

  • Daycare is open until 6:30pm Monday to Sunday.

We go the extra mile for you, too

We also make things easy for you as the owner! For your convenience, we offer a complimentary pick up and drop off service included in our price. All day daycare $39.

We only have daycare for those dogs in our local area. We want to maintain a small group of dogs who become close friends over time. 

Please check our dog day care rates. 
Please read our dog day care FAQ.
Contact us with any questions you may have. 
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