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Being There for Your Puppy When You Can't Be

Our puppy service will make sure your puppy gets the care and attention it needs to grow. During each half hour
visit anywhere in our Toronto service area, we will play with, feed and maintain their potty routine.
Puppy care and socialization for the littlest furry members of your family

Puppies are a lot of work - so let One Lucky Dog's help you out! Most of our schedules can't revolve around the busy needs of a puppy. However, with One Lucky Dog's Puppy Visits, you can rest assured that your new puppy is receiving the love and attention they need to develop into happy, healthy lifelong companions.

Puppy Visits for play and socialization

Puppies need a lot of exercise that can't be given by leaving toys out while you're at work. This is an important time in a dog's life where they learn to play and socialize. Our trained professionals will make sure your puppy gets that important stimulation, and is tuckered out by the end of the session, and ready for a nap - a much better alternative to worrying about where you are all day. We can also practice and reinforce your positive and reward-based training methods, as well as help them learn the rules of your house while your're away.

Puppy Visits for healthy growth and development

A growing puppy also needs a routine feeding schedule. All that furry energy burns a lot of calories! Most puppies need a meal during the mid-day hours to make sure they're growing and developing at a normal pace. Our Puppy Visits will also make sure your puppy is getting the nutrition they need during the day.

Puppy Visits potty training for a spotless carpet

One of the most important aspects of training a new puppy is potty training. It's important that your puppy trusts that they will be able to go out to go potty when they need to. By scheduling one to two visits a day, we can make sure your puppy sticks to their potty routine, so you can have an accident-free puppy sooner!

Care that grows with your puppy

Seeing your puppy develop into a confident, well-socialized dog is one of the greatest joys we can have at One Lucky Dog. At around four months, your puppy will graduate from Puppy Visits, and will be ready for the next step! At this age, it's crucial to develop socialization skills - so we're there for you by bringing your little one around other puppies and older, friendly dogs. This will ensure they will interact well and won't be afraid or intimidated by dogs as they get older and become aggressive. We take our time to ensure your puppy will follow the correct steps to become a confident, well-adjusted dog. We always pair up a puppy with another puppy so they can grow up together. If you're in the Toronto area and need that extra help with your puppy, give us a call and check out our competitive rates!

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