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About One Lucky Dog


I've loved animals all my life. Starting a business where I would be working with animals seemed very natural and exciting to me. The last 16 years have been an incredible learning experience. When I started this business I thought I knew a lot about dogs as I grew up with them. I soon realized how little I did know. As I watched the dogs interact day after day, I learned so much about how they organize themselves socially as well as, how they communicate and what's important to them. In a nutshell, dogs organize in their pack through hierarchy (strongest dog leads, protects the group and manages social behaviour) . Dogs communicate through sound and body language (dogs can only learn proper social skills from other dogs which can be facilitated by humans). What's important to dogs? A lot of the same things that are important to us I believe. They want to feel apart of something bigger such as a social group as well as, be respected and loved by those around them. They definitely don't want to be bored and they search for ways to enjoy their days through experiencing something new just like us.


One of the great things about dogs is that they're always so happy to experience every new day. It's this enthusiasm that inspires me every day. Their sweet souls and individual characters have enriched my life greatly over these years.

One Lucky Dog

I believe that a confident dog is a happy dog. To build their confidence is my primary goal with every dog in my care. A confident dog enjoys him/herself with other dogs, people and in various situations and most environments. A dog who does not have good social skills and is fearful cannot enjoy themselves to the fullest. Having every dog enjoy themselves to the fullest and express themselves for who they are is the goal. There are many ways to help dogs build confidence. It's every dog owners job and my business to help facilitate this. Ultimately, the goal of the dog walks is to provide a place where they have a great deal of fun, gets lots of exercise and be their unique selves.

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