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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a popular toy dog with everyone. Built on the lines of being a small gun dog, he has a charm for the elderly as well as a family with young children. The cavalier is in fact a miniature spaniel, combining all the qualities of a toy and a gundog. He seems to love people and does not mind other dogs.

His weight ranges from 5, 5.8kg (12-18 lbs) which is a wide range, but as a breed they can get even heavier. The Cavalier's placid nature and friendliness often induces people to give him lots of treats that encourage obesity.

He has a good-looking head and a well-balanced body. He can appear in a series of colours, from ruby (red), black and tan, and tricolour (black, white and tan markings) to Blenheim, which is a mix of rich chestnut and white, often with a little chestnut in the centre of a white patch down the middle of his head.

He enjoys exercise and is built on elegant, athletic lines; indeed, he needs it in view of his hearty appetite. He is not difficult to groom as his coat can be kept tidy with normal brush-and-comb techniques.


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