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Although each breed of dog has its own general personality profile, ultimately every dog is unique. While some dogs are extroverts and like to be the centre of attention, others are more submissive. Both types of dogs can be trained well, but different approaches are needed. Where your dog has come from and what it has experienced early in life will also affect its ability to be trained, as well its sex. Neutered dogs and females between seasons are easiest to train, while unneutered male dogs are the least responsive.

Dominant and Confident Some dog, regardless of breed, have naturally confident personalities. Male dogs tend to be more dominant and confident than females. The dominant dog is most likely to resist training. Submissive and Insecure Dogs with submissive personalities can be overwhelmed when commanded to obey. These dogs require a slow and gentle approach during training, so you should not issue commands too harshly. Easily Distracted Some dogs are more interested in playing with other dogs than in obeying their owners. Often these dogs were not properly socialized with people when they were puppies. It is best to train these dogs on their own at first, rather than in a class. Cooperative and Responsive The dogs that are easiest to train are those that have natural curiosity and an affinity with humans. Dogs that explore and listen when spoken to respond most quickly to training.


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