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Will the 2024 eclipse affect my dog?

The 2024 eclipse is an exciting time, viewable for much of the northern hemisphere next week, on april 8, 2024. The American Kennel Club has been very vocal about how to protect those you love most safe during this solar eclipse event.

The 2024 solar eclipse obviously doesn't pose any serious threat directly to your pet, but there are some things to look out for:  

Even though solar activity is lessened during this event, your dog can damage their eyes by looking directly at the eclipse, same as humans.  Although inventing eclipse glasses that will fit your dog is a great idea, the best way to protect them from the harmful rays is the simplest one - close your blinds and limit time outside.

Dogs are also very dependent on routines, and the area in the "eclipse belt" will possibly see a lot of commotion, more activity, more people etc. The added  excitement and hustle and bustle with this event can cause a lot of undue stress and worry in your pet.  It's recommended that again, keep your pet indoors, away from the excitement, and take some extra time for love and reassurance that you're there for them.  


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