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One Lucky Dog


Dogs during Cicada Season

This year, much of the northern hemisphere will experience Cicadamageddon - that is, millions of Cicadas descending upon us. If your curious pets are anything like mine, it's not uncommon for them to immediately taste anything that's new and foreign. I'm already bracing myself for the first walk when they discover a cicada on the ground and decide it's a great source of protein.


Are Cicadas Harmful to Dogs?

Although Cicadas can't sting or bite, you still need to monitor your dog(s) - cicadas can be very difficult to digest. Eating a number of these bugs can leave your pooch with abdominal pain and other unpleasant GI maladies. Another bad repercussion can be the accidental ingesting of pesticides absorbed by the cicadas. The safest route is to prevent your dog from consuming cicadas. The cicada swarm should be all but gone by late June, leaving plenty of summer hours to enjoy!


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