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Paw Protection During Pronounced temPeratures!

High temperatures can have profound effects on your dog. Being closer to the pavement, lack of shoes, and all that fur can make a lunchtime walk dangerous in a hurry. Because of heat radiation and absorption by concrete and asphalt, an air temperature of 85 degrees (F) or 30 degrees (C) can make the road or sidewalk much, much hotter. Here are a few more tips to make sure your dog is still able to safely go for walks during the summer months:

1. Time Your Walks Wisely: The best times to walk your dog in the summer are early in the morning or later in the evening. These times typically have cooler temperatures, reducing the risk of overheating and protecting your pup's sensitive paws from scorching pavement.

2. The Pavement Test: Before heading out, touch the pavement with the back of your hand. If it’s too hot for you to hold your hand there for five seconds, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. This simple test can prevent painful burns and discomfort.

3. Stay Hydrated: Always bring a water bottle and a portable bowl with you. Offer your dog water frequently during the walk to keep them hydrated. Dehydration can happen quickly in hot weather.

4. Keep Moving: Avoid letting your dog stop and stand on hot pavement. Not only can it burn their paws, but standing still in the heat can also increase their risk of overheating. Keep them moving to stay cooler.

5. Invest in Dog Booties: Just like your Hoka One Ones protect you from searing concrete, dog booties designed for hot weather can provide an extra layer of protection for your dog’s paws.

6. Shorter Walks: On particularly hot days, stick to shorter walks. Extended periods outside can be dangerous, even if you follow all other precautions.


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