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One Lucky Dog


The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of two distinct types. The tiny dog, seen immaculately groomed in the show-ring, weighs up to 3.1 kg (7 lbs). These dogs are lively, cheerful and self-confident. They are like a big dog in a small body. The long steel blue and bright tan hair that makes this glamour star of the shows would break off short is he ran loose. But the high spirit of the true Yorkshire Terrier is there no matter what the outside appearance is.

Grooming the household companion, a dog that is immensely popular throughout the world, is easily accomplished with ordinary skills. The companion Yorkie wear their hair shorter than the show dogs and do not require the same amount of artistry. As a home-loving animal, the Yorkie is tough, ready to play with the children or dispatch any rat unwise enough to invade his owner's home.


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