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Breeders to avoid

Backyard breeders breed their dogs and sell the puppies as a way of making money. They are unlikely to be involved with a local or national club dedicated to studying and advancing the breed, so their dogs aren't to the breed standard. Without knowledge of the breed and the standard, they may not understand how to prevent unfortunate genetic traits from occurring in their pups. They may still however, charge prices as high as a reputable breeders

Many classified ads are placed by backyard breeders. Be aware if someone agrees to sell you a puppy no questions asked. Chances are, he won't want you asking any questions either, because he doesn't want to tell you about the health and temperament of the pup's parents.

To find a reputable breeder in Canada, you can ring the Canadian Kennel Club and as for the breeder referral service. Don't buy a pup until you've visited at least three good breeders and then you will have plenty of comparison points


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