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One Lucky Dog


The Border Collie

The Border Collie is part of the Herding Group. They are the classic farm dog who loves to work. They are very agile and think on their feet. If his owner does not occupy this active mind with lots to do then he will get up to lots of mischief because his brain is always active. If you cannot give him the level of exercise that this herding dog needs then its a good idea to hire a dog walker. A dog walker can take them to a park with other dogs where he can run after and play to his hearts content and expend lots of energy. Or you can take him to a dog day care centre where he can play all day when you are at work. Dog day care centre's have many dogs to keep this active breed occupied.

He stands at around 53 cm (21 in) at his withers, though he may look lower to the ground as he travels at high speeds in a permanent crouch. The low-slung body of the Border Collie is essential for his super-agile performance at work. His eyes show keen intelligence and his type is a favorite for those who wish to compete at top level in obedience competitions.

His coat is moderately long but is relatively easy to groom as long as the tangles are dealt with and he's brushed on a regular bases. He comes in all kinds of colours with white, but the most common is black as a base colour. He demands exercise for his muscles just as much for his brain. They are smart and like to have things to do. By common consent they are the most trainable breed. This is the breed that needs to be constantly occupied if destructive behaviour is to be avoided.

He makes an ideal family dog for an active and grown family but not the best suited for families with young children. To put it bluntly, he does not suffer fools gladly, and he is not averse to taking a swift nip at those who do not get his point, in the same way that he will liven the reactions of the sheep or cattle which are his natural flock.


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