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Dogs memory capacity

Experts debate the exact intelligence quotient of dogs and even whether it is possible to gauge the IQ of a nonhuman species. What can be said with certainty is that the average dog's memory capacity and problem-solving skills far exceed those of the most powerful computers Consider the fact that while supercomputers can play master level chess, they can't begin to tackle such complex tasks as foxhunting or guiding a blind person down a city street.

Similarly, comparing the acuity of different breeds can be very subjective exercise. Some breeds excel at mental traits - trainability, energy, inquisitiveness - desired by humans. This may make them appear "smarter" than other canines. However, these traits aren't always a plus. Many dogs with high "intelligence" such as border collies and terriers, require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and "face-time" with their owners. Conversely, allegedly less intelligent breeds can be much more laid-back and easier to live with.


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