• Linda Healy

Coming when called

1) Solicit help from a family member or friend. Each person should sit at opposite ends of a room. Take turns calling the canine from one person to another, saying "come" in a pleasant enthusiastic voice.

2) Bribe the dog with treats and/or praise to win compliance. Make the idea of coming when called as attractive as possible.

3) Later that day, call the dog at random times, whether the animal is a few feet away or in another room. Reward it amply when it responds.

4) When the dog consistently comes the first time it is called put it on a long leash and move the training outside. Take the dog for a walk. allowing it to put a fair distance between itself and you (but always on the leash) Ask it to come, and if it complies reward it with treats and praise. If it doesn't tug on the leash, still calling it in a friendly voice. When it finally returns to you reward it lavishly. Repeat the process several times.

5) Once the dog is competently trained, upgrade to a longer leash and repeat step 4

6) Next, practice off the leash in a fenced area.If the dog refuses to come when called, don't continue to call. Sit down on the ground or do something unusual (but nonthreatening) that it will want to investigate. When it returns, put the leash on. Go back to leash training for several days before returning to leash free training. Eventually the dog will catch on.

7) Saying "come" should always be associated in the canines mind with pleasant things. Never call a dog to punish it. Instead go to the canine. If the dog associates "come" with punishment it may not respond

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