• Linda Healy

Clipping a dogs nails

Nails should be trimmed approximately twice per month. Use a clipper designed for dogs nails and be sure to have cotton swabs and a bottle of styptic powder nearby. This commercially available blood-clotting powder can be used to stop bleeding if you accidentally trim a nail too close.

1) Instruct the dog to sit beside you and take one of its paws in your hand. A smaller dog can sit on your lap. Alternatively, have the dog roll onto its stomach on the floor.

2) Clip the first nail in stages. Be careful not to trim the quick (the part of the nail containing nerves and blood vessels). If you cannot locate the quick, stop cutting at the spot where the nail begins to curve downward. Applying baby oil can also make the quick easier to see.

3) If you accidentally clip the quick, comfort the dog and apply styptic powder to the nail using a moist cotton swab. Press firmly against the nail for 10 seconds.

4) Repeat the process until all nails are trimmed. Each nail should be cut at a 45 degree angle away from the dog so the nail is flush with the floor when the dog is standing.

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