Important things to do for your puppy

Healthcare: You’ll want to introduce nail clipping, ear cleaning and teeth brushing to your puppy. Doing so early will mean they will accept you doing these as they become an adult dog. Nail Clipping; When they are a puppy just hold their paws and touch their nails. As they get a little older you can show them the nail clipper while staying relaxed and positive. Eventually, when they do need their nails to be clipped you will need to read up on how to do this properly. Ear Cleaning: as they get older they will need to be comfortable with you checking and possibly cleaning their ears especially if they have an ear infection. You can start out by just touching your puppies ears and looking in them. Later you can clean them gently with a cotton ball. Teeth Brushing: this is a very important because they will eventually develop plaque, gingivitis and will need dental cleaning and possibly surgery. You can avoid these problems if you brush your dogs teeth at least once a week. Start when they are a puppy by examining their teeth. As they become a little older have them lay down on their side and allow you to examine their teeth for longer. You can use some paper towel to wipe their teeth. As they get a little older you can brush them with a soft toothbrush and always dog toothpaste. They love the taste. Your dog won’t have smelly breath. That’s a bonus and they won’t need surgery when they get older.