House Training Your Puppy

Crate your puppy when you’re out and at night. The overall premise to potty training is.. the more often your puppy goes outside rather than inside the quicker they will learn so take your puppy out many times a day so they can succeed. Take your dog to the same spot each time and use a phrase like “get busy”. Give them a pat and say “good boy/girl” after they do their business. How many times will your puppy need to go out? Between 6 to 14 weeks they will need to go outside 8 to 10 times a day. Between 14 to 20 weeks they will need to go out 4 to 6 times. Over 30 weeks they will need to go out 3 to 4 times. In these early stages it’s not advisable to reprimand when accidents happen, it will only scare and confuse the puppy. They will learn to potty outside through persistence and consistency and yes quite a lot of work on your part. Watch for signs that they need to go potty such as, sniffing around. They will usually need to go pee around 20 minutes after drinking. After eating they can be trained to go poop right after they have eaten if you always take them out after they eat. Once again, use your phrase… “get busy”. How long will it take to fully train your dog to go outside? This depends on the individual dog and their abililty to learn and most importantly the consistency and frequency you take them out to potty. This process takes time but once they are trained they will be trained for life. Have fun training your puppy. You are there to guide them and know that they want to learn to do the right thing!