One Lucky Dog “Spotlight” – Barney

 Meet Barney!


Barney is a Labradoodle who started with One Lucky Dog back in August 2014 with puppy visits twice daily.


He was only a 5 weeks old and loved to play with toys in his backyard. Especially ones that squeak!


Every week he grew bigger and bigger and his goofy lovable personality grew too


After a few months he had graduated from puppy visits and moved into group walks so he could make new friends! Addie, who was also a puppy and Barney became best pals immediately


The park was a little intimidating at first especially when there was such big dogs all around him!


But with some positive reinforcement and with his best friend Addie by his side the dog park started to feel more like home.


Over a few weeks his shyness began to decline and more of Barney’s lovable and goofy personality started to shine through at the park.


Now Barney is over six months old and all that insecurity has disappeared! He is a happy, confident and is never shy to make new friends. (Although Addie will always be his best friend)


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Happy Trails!

Kitten Meets Dog On First Day Home

The filmmaker of “Ricky” has a dog, Romy, who is afraid of other dogs, but she loves cats. Last year he adopted a friend for her: a cat named Ricky. This film is narrated – but unscripted – by his 7-year-old neighbor, Willa, and follows Ricky and Romy as they get to know each other. Willa simply describes what she thinks the kitten is feeling on its first day home. It’s so sweet and cute and captures the innocence of a new pet so well!
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Toronto Humane Society – Pet Photo Contest

Pet Photo Contest

January 12, 2015

Lights! Camera! Action! Dust off your camera, set up the lighting and get ready for your pet to become an instant celebrity.

We are looking for 12 photogenic pets (of all kind!) to be featured in the Toronto Humane Society’s annual New Beginnings calendar. Please submit your photos by email to or by mail to: The Toronto Humane Society – Pet Photo Contest, 11 River Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 4C2

Rules & Guidelines:

  1. All photos must be 9 x 12 or 8 x 10 in colour, horizontal layout and contain animals only.
  2. Digital pictures are preferred over film. Adjust digital image sizes to the highest resolution and save pictures as a .jpg, or .tiff file.
  3. We will only accept pictures that have not been altered with editing software.
  4. Polaroid or copyrighted professional photographs cannot be accepted.
  5. Photos become property of the Toronto Humane Society and will not be returned. We also reserve the right to use them for other fundraising purposes.
  6. Photos depicting cats outdoors, inhumane training collars or visibly distressed animals will not be considered.
  7. Contest is open until May 1, 2015.

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