The Holidays and your Dog

As the holiday season approaches, here are some safety tips.

Secure the tree: the tree should be safely secured so your dog can’t pull it down. Dogs may wan’t to chew on the ornaments which can be a real safety hazard for them.

Don’t use tinsel on your tree: This sparkly eye catching decoration can be enticing to dogs and can cause severe digestive problems if eaten.

Safe Toys: We enjoy giving our dogs a present for the holidays, make sure you are chosing a safe toy. Ones without loose pieces and cannot be easily torn apart and swallowed. You can shop on the web for veterinarian approved toys.

Poisonous Plants: Mistletoe, Holly, Pointsettias and some Lilies are poisonous to dogs. Keep plants up high where they can’t get them or chose artificial.

Holiday Treats: with all the tasty treats around make sure they are out of reach for your pet. Avoid fatty foods, chocolate, spicy and harmful human foods.